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Customer Projects

Any customer who has had our products installed in their car is invited to submit pictures of the final car for inclusion on this page.

2006 Dodge Charger

This car was shown at SEMAshow 2005 at Dodge's booth. The suicide hinges are our XLG Suicide Hinges. These photos are courtesy of Street Concepts in California.

Click here for the 300M Suicide Hinge Installation Gallery

Street Dreams Projects

Below is a gallery of some of Street Dream's work.

2006 Dodge Hemi Charger R/T

Street Dreams installed its extra large set of suicide hinges on this Charger, as well as gave it a custom paint job. Note that there is no exposed wire bundle or wire loom - the extra large hinges have a built in wire guide that passes through the hinge body, completely hiding and protecting the wiring.

1962 Chevrolet Impala

Street Dreams installed the hood reverse kit and used this car to prototype a trunk "flip" system, all controllable by a key less entry remote fob.

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

This Chrysler PT Cruiser was customized with our Large Suicide Hinges and flames using fancy "flipflop" type paint that changes color based on angle and lighting.

This is a 1932 900 Series Packard fully redone and made into a street rod by Street Dreams. These images were taken at the Grand Rapids, Michigan AutoRama.

Packard, a view of left front corner Packard, a view of left rear corner
Packard, a close-up view of the chrome Packard, a view of the inside

Packard, a close-up view of the chrome

This is a '32 Ford.

Left View Right View Hood Flames

This "Hershey" was damaged due to a fire in the engine compartment. Street Dreams repaired the damage and rewired the entire car.

The owner of this Corvette wanted its air conditioning fixed and he also wanted the engine to be dressed up. Many lines were replaced with custom stainless steel tubing. The custom air cleaner is shaped to mimic the style of the hood scoop. A custom spark plug wire loom was added to add "spark" to the existing valve covers.

The owner of this '39 Chevrolet street rod wanted his headlights fixed to improve the styling and night visibility. The previous version of this car's lighting is shown on the left, the Street Dreams result is shown on the right.

before after

This street rod is now showcasing Street Dream's new street rod hood side vents.

This truck was involved in a collision which resulted in the need to make a new frame. Here are two in-process images taken.

after after

"Slyme" is another Street Dreams paint work.

The first four Packard images are courtesy of Arnie Hooton of Michigan. Everything else here is ©2000-2005 Street Dreams by Ross L.L.C. of Middleville, Michigan.

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Last updated November 11, 2005